Introducing MP Kollman’s Book Video Trailer for “Generations: Epilogue”

So, who is this kid, Isaac Vaughn, the entire Grayson family is bending over backward for? Dr. Emery Grayson is even going so far as to petition the court for custody of the juvenile delinquent.

Jimmy Bauer was the arresting officer, entering the store while off-duty as Vaughn and two others, who escaped through the back door, were attempting to rob the defiant owner. All Vaughn had on him was a pocketknife, accidentally slicing the arm of a fifteen-year-old girl – scared more than hurt her – as he turned toward the front door, where Jimmy stood.

The moment Vaughn turns and their gazes meet, something triggers Jimmy’s distrust. Something more than the fact that Jimmy has caught him in the act of a felony. Something deeper he just can’t put his finger on…

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The youngest of four, MP Kollman grew up on a dairy farm and began writing in grade school. The characters she created became her friends, whisking her away from the family farm into precarious adventures. For several years after high school, life took her on a different path: marrying and raising two children. Generations is the seventh and final book in MP Kollman’s Brothers series of crime/adventure novels: It follows Brothers, Sequela, Honeymoon, Moirai, The Accident, and Promises.

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