Introducing Lewis A. Mills’ Book Video Trailer for “A Life Well Lived”

Penning Patience

A New Beginning:
Revived, Renewed, and Remarried!

In the biographical sequel to What a Million Dollars Cannot Buy, Doctor Lewis A. Mills, a longtime military officer and pastor, shares his life story to encourage others and inspire them to seek the best that life has to offer—no matter how difficult it may be. Follow his journey as he deals with the good, the bad, and the ugly. He faces his hardships, failures, and joys with a determined spirit, motivated by the grace of God, and overcomes the challenges of poverty and racism and so many other barriers. At 87, Dr. Mills looks back on his life and asks, “What kind of legacy are we leaving for our children?” That legacy may well be “a life well lived.”

Dr. Mills’ life is indicative of how God can take us where we are and, by His grace, guide us to a place of dignity and celebration.
—Dr. Benjamin D. Snoddy, Pastor

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Dr. Lewis A. Mills is a retired Navy chief petty officer, a retired purchasing manager of the City of Spartanburg, SC, a community activist, and a servant who has committed himself to the service of people, with the desire to make the world a better place in which to live.

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