This Week’s Amazon Featured Book of the Week is A Divine Wind by Norman M. Jacobs MD, MS

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A Divine Wind by Norman M. Jacobs MD, MS

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Set in the near future, A Divine Wind takes on a largely unexplored subject as Israel attempts to use “weather control” and neuroscience technology to deal with an increasingly bellicose Iran, whose actions are seemingly, inexorably heading the world towards Armageddon. A cyborg, mental telepathic communication, how to tame and turn a tornado are just some of the visionary sciences to feast on, flavored with a sprinkling of Kabbalah and Jewish mystical wisdom.

The fate of Israel, the fate of the U.S., the very fate of the world hangs precariously in the balance. A seat at the table has been set, awaiting you to dine within the pages of A Divine Wind.

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