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See Us: From Whence We Come by R. E. Vincent Daniels

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All people need to show respect for their fellow human beings, man or woman, no matter what country or continent their homeland of origin. Perhaps what will follow this aspect of respect is love and appreciation of the contributions that all races have contributed to the overall advancement of the human race that shares this planet earth we all call home. Education is not a spectator sport, but young students and their family members must all buy in, to achieve a level of success. Everyone in the village needs to share the experience of this book. It is a Sankofa journey for the African Diaspora, but not exclusively for people of African descent. All people whose story is not told in truth are encouraged to seek their own truth in order to establish a strong foundation of self-esteem for young students of all backgrounds. “To be what you want to be, you must first know who you once were.”

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