Virtual Book Marketing in a Self-Isolated World

Even though Covid-19 may have brought the majority of the world to a virtual standstill (figuratively speaking) that doesn’t mean your virtual book marketing has to stop (literally speaking). In fact, with many of us finding ourselves with a bit more time on our hands, right now is the perfect time to double-down on book marketing tactics that replace the physical world with the digital age.

Here are 5 ideas to get you started right now (from the safety of your home, of course).

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1. Throw a Zoom Launch Party

Zoom is certainly in the news a lot nowadays. Even though the video conferencing app has been around for a while, the recently imposed “stay-in-place/work-from-home” mandate affecting millions has created unprecedented demand for the digital platform. Its user base has soared, and with it, a new phenomenon known as “Zoom Bombing” in which nefarious individuals drop into pre-scheduled video conferences unannounced to wreak havoc. But such shenanigans shouldn’t prevent you from taking advantage of this new shift in marketing philosophy.  A Zoom Launch Party is easier and less expensive to launch than a physical party and has the potential to reach more people more efficiently. Plus, with the ability to widely distribute a link to your webpage or Amazon sales page, a Zoom Launch Party could very-well be more successful, too. In fact, it may be your go-to book launch platform even when things return to normal — er, make that Zormal?  For more about this app, visit their website.

2. Hold a Social Media Contest

One of the best ways to increase reader engagement on any of your social media platforms is by holding a contest. What’s the prize for the winner? An autographed copy of your book, of course! What sort of contests can you run? What sort of third-party applications handle contests for you? How do you even create a social media contest?  You’re in luck! Google has all those answers, and more, when you simply type “social media contests” into their search engine.

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3. Take Part in Facebook Groups or Start Your Own

Facebook Groups are Subject- or Geographic-Based Communities on the world’s largest social media platform. That means there are usually (or potentially) lots of participants, regardless of how niche your subject matter seems or how isolated you feel nowadays. And the best news is, if you cannot find a group for you, you can simply create your own. Visit Facebook Groups to get started.

4. Guest Post on Other Blogs

More people are reading more blogs during self-isolation because they’ve got to stop reading about coronavirus sometimes, right? And that means more bloggers are getting more followers than ever before. But with more eyeballs comes an even heavier responsibility to create more content. What is a blogger on the verge of going viral (in a good way) to do? Solicit help! And that’s where you come in. Conduct a Google search to find blogs on your book’s subject matter and then reach out to those bloggers with offers to write guest posts for their blogs. You’ll be surprised at how often they are grateful for the help — and you get to plug your book to their entire readership in your “Byline Box.” It’s win-win. Here’s a marketing tip sheet to help you with the steps.

5. Learn Everything There is to Know About Book Marketing on Amazon

Tired of Netflix bingeing and Covid-19 news briefings? Enjoy this 60-minute “Blast from the Past”  webinar interview with Outskirts Press president Brent Sampson. Watch as the the award-winning author of the Amazon bestseller, Sell Your Book on Amazon, shares everything there is to know about marketing your book on Amazon. It may be nearly a decade old, and some of the information is outdated, but many of the strategies are just as effective today as they were when this interview was recorded in 2011. Enjoy. And stay safe out there!

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