8 Reasons to Self-Publish a Children’s Book in 2018

It’s early 2018, which means it’s time to take on all of those projects which you’ve told yourself you would. Some of you will have committed to writing a book this year, and of those, some will have committed to writing a children’s book. Others remain undecided. What might it take to push you off the front porch and onto the path toward writing that book? Here are eight good reasons to take that all-important first step.

ONE: The children’s book world really rolls out the red carpet. By which we mean: when it comes to self-publishing, some markets are more welcoming than others, and the world of children’s books knows how to make a new author feel welcome. Ever heard of Gramma Darling? This sweet children’s picture book won a slew of awards when it premiered in 2016, and won accolades from coast to coast for debut author Lissa Schroeder. To be new isn’t to be ruled out by the children’s book community, and we think that’s beautiful.

TWO: It’s not all fun and games, but it is certainly fun. Children’s books are the perfect vehicle for stories of real merit and emotional weight, but they’re also free to crack jokes and pull off goofy lines and illustrations. One should never underestimate the ability for authors of children’s books to incorporate both good humor and render art out of deep pathos in their work, and the world certainly needs more of both in 2018.

THREE: Children make the best audience. You know it’s true! When was the last time you heard a child giggle one of those truly unhinged, delightful little giggles that adults somehow forget how to make as they grow up? Chances are good you heard it in a library, or from the corner of the living room where family gathers to read on slow afternoons. Children are unscrupulously honest and make for excellent beta readers, but they also make for the most enthusiastic supporters and listeners, if you give them a good story.

FOUR: Their parents and caregivers make the best financial backers. It is a truth universally acknowledged that children make the best audience but it is their parents who either pull out the pocketbook or … don’t. Just like you, however, they make for an enthusiastic audience, not least when they suspect that they can replicate that delighted giggle by bringing home the book which inspired it. Parents love making their children happy, and if your book helps accomplish that for them, well … let’s just say they are the best and most invested kind of support system an aspiring author could want. After all, they’re motivated by love!

FIVE: Children read (and buy, or convince others to buy) more books than adults. It’s true! Year after year, the largest growth sectors in the publishing industry are in the children and young adult categories. And while many readers might turn to their local public or school libraries to satisfy their reading needs, reports also suggest that avid library users actually purchase more books than the national average. Which is to say, no matter how many books young library users can acquire for free, they are always hungry for more. This makes for a win-win situation for you, an author looking to publish a children’s book (or three).

SIX: There’s a practical side. After all, many children’s book authors actually make good money off of their work. There are children’s book authors who are entirely self-sufficient off of the royalties they receive, both within traditional publishing houses and the self-publishing industry. Sure, it requires a whole lot of elbow grease to turn out that many books, but it’s not at all out of the realm of possibility that your book might just turn out to be an investment worth cultivating. After all, children read more books than adults, remember?

SEVEN: There’s a need. The market may be crowded, but there’s a deep-seated need for quality children’s books … books with a message, books with something to say and the visual appeal to back that message up. There’s a need for a whole range of children’s books, in fact, from fiction to nonfiction, sweet and inspiring narratives as well as profound and compelling works which reflect the world we live in. And as we mentioned before, 2018 is a year we ought to light up the lives of those we care for with a good book (or three).

EIGHT: The tools are in place to make it happen. From custom illustrations, to professional copyediting and professionally designed custom covers, self-publishing is a veteran industry replete with experts and services which have weathered two decades of hard work and improvement. The tools exist to self-publish your book exactly the way you want it, and without sacrificing quality in order to retain your rights and privileges. It’s time to take advantage.

Supposing that these eight reasons have provided you with the motivation you need, what next? Well, turn this list on its head and consider it a starting point … and a list of tips for starting your next book. The path to publication may not always be smooth, but there are ways to make sure it is well-lit and passable. And that’s why we’re here to provide you with the services and resources you need to move from a grand idea for your next book to a finished, published book for the next generation.

Not sure what you need to get started publishing your children’s book? Visit us online at www.outskirtspress.com to chat with a Publishing Consultant or call us at 1-888-672-6657 to find out how to finish your manuscript and get it ready for publication.

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5 thoughts on “8 Reasons to Self-Publish a Children’s Book in 2018

  1. In making a book, there would be a struggle since your market would be the children. Those points provided above are the main key points you would keep in mind to make the book entertaining and attractive to your audience. Thank you for providing the effort in providing those key point.

    Hello ,
    I have completed the text for my maiden children’s picture book. I also have an illustrator who is ready to work on illustrations for my story.
    I will be creating a dummy to serve as a reference for the illustrator.
    Unfortunately, I’m a little hesitant to freely invest money in the publishing of my first book venture. I simply don’t have the finances to purchase one of the many self publishing packages marketed by many prominent publishing houses.
    I would appreciate it if you could throw light on a package that will only include the final printing and marketing.
    As I mentioned to you, I am planning to work with my own illustrator, edit and proofread myself and use InDesign to set the txt and illustrations.
    That leaves just the final printing and marketing. Do you think you could give me a piecemeal costing?
    Chitra Pillai

    1. Hi Chitra – Thank you for leaving a comment. We would love to help you publish your children’s book. We offer many affordable publishing options. Please call us M-F 8am-4pm (MST) at 888-672-6657 or email us at info@outskirtspress.com. You can also visit Outskirtspress.com and chat with a representative. If you leave your contact info, I can have a Publishing Consultant contact you directly.

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