Amazon Author Profile Now Available

Great news! Outskirts Press now offers an Amazon Author Profile to published authors. Why is this so important? sells books, but the Amazon Author Profile sells you!

What is an Author Profile?

If you look at a book listing on Amazon, you will find the Author Profile, labeled “More About the Author,” below the “Product Details” section. There you will see the author’s photo and biography.

Why do you need one?

Amazon Author Profiles convert more shoppers into buyers because people like knowing who wrote the book they are considering. If you are an expert who has published a non-fiction book, your Author Profile shares pertinent information about your expertise. If you are a fiction writer, your Author Profile is an invaluable space to build your brand. The same holds true if you are a poet or children’s book author. Regardless of the type of book (or books) you have published, your Amazon Author Profile serves one very important task: it sells YOU to your potential readers.

The Author Profile is more than just a new section on your sales page. It is your entire author presence on Amazon. When set-up correctly, your Author Profile includes your entire bibliography of published books, all your book videos and/or video teasers, a direct RSS feed to your author blog, and so much more!

More Perks of the Author Profile Option

  • You can start to attract “followers” to your Profile, just like on Twitter and Facebook, and those followers will be notified when you write a new blog post or publish a new book
  • When participating in our Amazon Author Sweepstakes, you can require sweepstake participants to “follow” you before they are eligible for your free book giveaway
  • You only have to set it up once, no matter how many books you have published. As you publish more books, it’s easy to add them to your Author Profile

How do you set it up?

If you don’t know how to set up everything yourself, no problem. Outskirts Press will do it all for you. For more information and to purchase the Amazon Author Profile option from Outskirts Press, simply log into your Author Publishing Center and select Amazon Author Profile from the Marketing Solutions menu.

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  1. Before I check into this…I need to find out how we can rework my book. I didn’t do what you wanted with the cover…and I wish I had! I have also moved and changed my e-mail (I will add it below). I am on a fixed income and at this point cannot afford to even order 10 books because of the storage fees involved. I have decided I want to make a go at re-working the book. BUT I HAVE TO SAVE UP TO PAY YOU, so I need some sort of a ball park figure as to what I’m looking at. Also, when I laid out the book, it was in two-page spreads. I didn’t know you would lay it out with one page on the front and one on the back that should have been side by side. How can we fix that? I would love to speak with someone. 352-223-9682. Please make note of my new email address also. Thanks a bunch!

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