5 Ways You Can Be Self-Published by Valentine’s Day (Yes, That Quick!)

One of the amazing perks of being a self-publishing author is the ability to go to press with your literary work in a matter of weeks, not the months or years you’d have to languish waiting for approval from a traditional publishing house. It seems incredible, but if you’re ready or almost ready to publish now as we roll into winter, you could start selling while they’re still snow on the ground!

If you’re spending holiday time off putting the finishing touches on your labor of love, you’re in good shape to have a book you’re madly in love with by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around. Here are five self-publishing services that will help you make that happen:

One-Click Publishing
These all-inclusive, turnkey service bundles are specifically crafted to include every product and service the children’s author, coach/speaker or fiction author needs to get a book professionally designed, formatted, edited, published Publishing Packagesand aggressively marketed — incredibly, all in a mere matter of weeks! Talk to an Outskirts Press representative today, and you’ll be selling before winter’s passed.

Full-Service Publishing Packages
Ranging in price from $199 to just $1,099, our publishing packages let you tailor the services you need to get started today, without buying any services that aren’t yet in your budget. Formatting, customizable covers, free author copies and more are included in every bundle. And the best part is that a down payment of just $35 gets the ball rolling.

Electronic PublishingElectronic Publishing
Even if you’re not quite ready for printing hardcopies, you can still sell. Our electronic publishing services can get your book in front of millions of ebook readers on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple in no time at minimal cost.

Gift CertificatesInstant Self-Publishing Gift Certificates
If someone you know is looking to publish, you can help them out too! Gift certificates are the perfect way to “crowdfund” your favorite aspiring author. They can spend your generous donation on whatever products or services they need to get published now.

Writing Services
Yes, you can publish by Valentine’s Day, even if you’re not done writing yet — but only if you hurry! Very affordable author services — from minor ghostwriting to help you finish your book to professional copy editing to whip it into shape for publication — could get you to press by Valentine’s Day.


Do you have a book or two waiting for the world to read? Let Outskirts Press get you started on your own publishing dreams!

Start Self-Publishing Now!

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