Amp Up Self-Publishing Sales with the Barnes & Noble See Inside Option

Barnes & Noble has long been considered to represent the gold standard in bookselling, with millions of avid readers around the globe turning to its brick-and-mortar and online bookstores for their next riveting read. So why wouldn’t a self-publishing author want to harness the selling power of one of the largest bookstore chains in the world?Barnes & Noble See Inside submission

Now, you can turn Barnes & Noble book browsers into book buyers — by simply allowing online shoppers to view select pages of your book digitally from the website. Think about it: Where do your potential readers go to search and buy books? Chances are, unless they live very close to a brick-and-mortar bookstore, they search online. But viewing a book cover and synopsis online is not the same as browsing through the book itself … unless you enable a preview to get those readers hooked!

“See Inside” is Barnes & Noble’s online book browsing tool. It allows customers to browse the contents of books — just like they would in a bookstore — in order to help them make the best possible purchasing decision. The See Inside program provides an excellent preview experience to the customer to give them a true sense for the physical book and what they can expect if they buy it.

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