Author Poll: Writer Michael Wyatt aka “Freedom” wants your help with his cover

Michael Wyatt aka “Freedom” is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press. And he wants your help deciding his book cover.

Book Introduction

What is your life about? Do you like your life story? Are you fulfilling your dreams? Have you stopped dreaming?

No matter where your life is now Applied Freedom Technologies will make it better. Michael “Freedom” Wyatt reveals in “Applied Freedom Technologies the Book” the details of how being on the edge of financial and emotional disaster, he found the truth about this experience of life. The knowledge, tools and techniques which brought him back, you can use to create the life style you dream about.

If you really want to know why you are here, what this life is about, and what you are supposed to be doing in this life. Freedom has found the answers and reveals the portal for you to find them for yourself.

Book Summary


Do you feel helpless? Do you feel as if things happen to you that are out of your control? Does life feel like it’s too hard? If so, you might be stuck in a pattern of reacting to life, rather than actively creating your life. Michael “Freedom” Wyatt knows how that feels, and in this inspiring, compelling book, he shares with you the techniques he developed to act on life, rather than reacting to life, using AFT (Applied Freedom Technologies). This book isn’t a memoir, but Freedom uses incidents from his journey to illustrate the principles he is teaching. You’ll learn the truth about why we are here on Earth, why life happens the way it does, and most importantly what tools and methods you can use to create the lifestyle you want. Each of us can control our own life- we just haven’t been taught how to do it. With AFT, Freedom is at your fingertips.

About the Author

Michael “Freedom” Wyatt felt from an early age that he had a calling to teach people to live better, but he didn’t know what to teach. Believing life should be easier than what he was living, he took a leap of faith that took him to the edge of financial ruin. His experience revealed to him the keys to actively creating his lifestyle. Freedom currently lives in California with his wife, Lisa, of 28 years. He is committed to sharing his experience to benefit others.

Please take a look at three possible covers below and then vote on the choice you recommend for Michael.

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