Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Vanessa Hemingway

We’ve dipped our toes into the new year and are already thankful for the tremendously talented authors we’ve had the great opportunity to work with in 2014. For that reason, we’d like to continue our long-standing tradition of shining our self-publishing spotlight on the best and brightest of our self-published authors.

This week we’re proud to feature Outskirts Press published author Vanessa Hemingway, author of The Whole Armor: Able to Stand.The Whole Armor: Able to Stand


Vanessa Hemingway is a self-made poet, playwright and short story author whose philosophy is that there is a work of art in every human being.

The Whole Armor: Able to Stand

This Christian/suspense fiction book is dedicated to all people of the world who have struggled with things in their lives that they do not want to do but find themselves doing them; and this has left them with no peace.

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