Author Poll: Writers Walter F. Todd and Loki Monroe wants your help with their cover

Walter F. Todd and Loki Monroe are self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press. And they want your help deciding their book cover.

Book Summary

Through Life’s Storms, the Studio Was a Beacon of Light…

When Walt’s eye and heart are captured by two beautiful but damaged stained glass panels, he couldn’t have dreamed of how they would impact the course of his life. The Studio is the story of Walt’s journey with the art of stained glass, as he and his daughter enroll in a class with the idea of repairing the panels, but soon find themselves completely immersed in this fascinating craft, with Walt, who never considered himself an artist, even showing and selling his work. But when Walt is 69, life has some unexpected surprises for him. The expected death of his loving mother is followed by the tragic death of Sandy, his beloved wife of 40 years, and shortly after that, his brother. Walt stays focused during this year of loss-and then he and his daughter Stacey embark on a year-long adventure of travel and spending, leaving a lifetime of penny-pinching behind. Their wonderful trips to Canada, Scotland, Ireland, and the Caribbean culminate in a memorable Christmas in Hawaii. The road ahead has another detour in store for Walt, as Stacey’s unexpected illness causes him to pull up his roots in Washington and move to southern California to help her. Through it all, Walt’s love of art and the joy he finds in his studio help him to keep his perspective, and find inspiration and a reason to carry on during the hardest times. This candid, warm memoir will resonate with everyone who has experienced love and loss…and everyone who has found their center in a creative pursuit.

About the Authors

Walter Todd was born in Brooklyn, New York and has written many short stories, often including family history, ski trips, family cars, his love for dogs, and many other adventures. He currently moved from University Place in Washington State to Los Angeles, California, and enjoys reading, traveling, photography, creating stained glass art and writing.

Stacey A. Todd aka Loki Monroe is an actor, artist, photographer, dog lover, and author. She is a graduate of Marymount College and Loyola Marymount University with majors in theater and philosophy. She currently lives in the Beverly Hills area of Southern California.

Please take a look at two possible covers below and then vote on the choice you recommend for Walter and Loki.

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  1. Cover A indicates the subject of the book and is preferable. Cover B suggest a book about windjammers. Ralph Clarke

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