Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: James Logue

Outskirts Press is proud of the many self-published authors who’ve produced thousands of high-quality books with the help of our talented self-publishing and marketing experts. Over the years, these authors have racked up a number of accomplishments, awards, author benchmarks and recognitions that serve as a testament to the quality of their — and our — work.

In recognition of the talent of our authors, we like to showcase a different author in our regular Self-PJames Logueublishing Author Spotlight. This time around, we’re giving a nod to James Logue author of three books in The Student Prophet series: New Partners and Initiation Rites and Going Home. Learn more about the series, including what critics are sayings, in our spotlight.


James Nicholas Logue is an author and epidemiologist with a doctorate in public health. He has written on the effects of Hurricane Katrina and the crisis of violence in American schools. Dr. Logue is a graduate of King’s College, University of Michigan and Columbia University. He and his wife, Mary, currently live in Pennsylvania. The Student Prophet trilogy is his fiction-writing debut.

The Student Prophet: Initiation RitesThe Student Prophet: Initiation Rites

The first sign was an eerie premonition of the Sept. 11 terror attacks. Years later, the strange hunches that something’s not right are on the increase. It’s a lot for a college freshman to bear. But for Jeff Fitzpatrick, it’s only the start of an incredible journey of faith that will take every ounce of courage he’s got.

Now, this seemingly normal teenage boy from Ann Arbor, Mich., struggles to understand his emerging gifts of prophecy even as he develops them as a force for good in the world. Working with the FBI, Fitzpatrick uses them to uncover terrorist cells and drug cartels. But his efforts could also attract the wrong kind of attention-the kind that could prove dangerous.

Caught in the middle of a rivalry between forces of good and evil thousands of years old, Fitzpatrick slowly begins to piece together the significance of his gifts. Meanwhile, his progress is being watched carefully by the Father in heaven and those He sends to guard His young prophet. But there are others interested in him, too, and they have other plans …

The Student Prophet: New PartnersThe Student Prophet: New Partners

In the next exciting installment of the Student Prophet series, the struggle between good and evil is heating up. When the leader of the angels who first revolted against God joins his angels on earth in human form, he puts his master plan into action to destroy the three prophets God has brought together: Rachel from Israel, Fatima from Indonesia and Penn State student Jeff Fitzpatrick. But God has a plan for the young prophets. Jeff, Rachel and Fatima use their special gifts to help the FBI and CIA solve and prevent crimes throughout the world and, along with their appointed guardian archangels, these extraordinary college students become a powerful force for good. The Student Prophet: New Partners is a story of faith, endurance, hope and friendship that will leave readers feeling both encouraged and inspired.

The Student Prophet: Going Home

A Nightmare, or the Dream of a Lifetime? … On his 50th birthday, prophet Jeff Fitzpatrick boards a plane in California, looking forward to his return home. But that is the last thing he remembers. Now he is alone on a beach, having a dream that takes him back to the milestones of his life for the past 30 years, including the return of his nemesis, a powerful archangel, head of the demons — a force of evil called simply The Leader. This time, The Leader doesn’t intend to fail. He returns to Earth disguised in human form and renews his mission to eliminate Jeff.

But The Leader doesn’t anticipate the growing dissent among his own ranks or the massive hunt for him by both law enforcement and the archangels for good. As Jeff’s dream unfolds, The Student Prophet: Going Home thrills and tantalizes with a thought-provoking and richly characterized tale of demons and angels, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance

The Student Prophet: Going Home was recently reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers’ Favorite:

“I have enjoyed all of The Student Prophet trilogy and The Student Prophet: Going Home certainly did not disappoint me. I recommend reading them in order but this book does stand alone. The reader will ponder this tale long after they close the book. The characters are well done and fascinating. There are four sections to this book: The Beginning, Africa, Growing Dissent, and Into The Future. I found the end to be unique and thoroughly
satisfying. I look forward to more books by this author.”

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