How to Overcome Decision-Making Vapor Lock and Choose Your Publishing Company

If you’ve ever researched or shopped for a car or a large appliance, you probably know how hard it is to come to a decision about “The One.”

It seems just when you think you know what product you’re going to buy, some vital bit of intel sways you away from it. Model A has features 1, 4 and 5, while Model B has 2, 3 and 6, and part of 7. Model A has a great price, but few features. Model B has all the bells and whistles, but is just north of your budget. Model A buyers rave this but hate that and the other. Same goes for Model B.

It’s easy to get yourself into a vapor lock over the finer points when you’re getting ready to make a big investment, whether it’s your next car, or your self-publishing services. After all, it’s a big decision – one that can have a big impact on the success of your book, right?

Absolutely, but remember that dragging out the decision-making process automatically gives less value to the choice you eventually make. Why? Because the longer you spend agonizing over every little detail, the less time you’re actually selling your published book!

So, what are you really looking for in a publishing company? If you find yourself unable to choose, perhaps what you’re looking for doesn’t exist.

Let us save you some time.

Every company you consider is going to have its own strengths and weaknesses, but here are the top ten things to look for in a reputable self-publishing service provider:

  1. Quality product
  2. One-on-one support
  3. Experience
  4. Low upfront cost
  5. Quick delivery of services
  6. High customer satisfaction rate
  7. Flexibility
  8. High royalties
  9. Extensive distribution
  10. Post-publication support

And the good news is, Outskirts Press has all of the above, so what are you waiting for? The most important decision is the decision to get started.


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I approached self-publishing with some trepidation, but Outskirts Press’ assistance throughout the process made the entire experience a real joy.

Some people mean it when they say they’ve done it all. Thomas Gambino has been a child television performer, clerk, cook, petroleum tank cleaner, sketch artist and painter, high school and college teacher, touring jazz and rock musician, radio and television guest, publisher, author, poet, magazine writer and interviewer, editor, husband, father, grandfather, orchestra leader, arranger, copyist, composer, orchestrator, conductor, musical director, foundation leader, advertising director, recording and video producer and performer, and an advocate for a limited world government. Among other books and music, his published works include NYET-An American Rock Musician Encounters the Soviet Union.

New York City jazz saxophonist and author Thomas Gambino was a member of The Vegetables, the rock band that accompanied the Joffrey Ballet during its 1974 tour of the then-Soviet Union and the first American rock group to visit that country. In The Vagabonds: A Musician’s Odyssey, Thom pays homage to those family members who came before him, and he offers an insightful history refresher course to assist the reader in understanding his trek fully. Thom also interviewed many of his friends and musical associates for their recollections, many of which have relevance in modern political and musical history. Gambino’s memoir describes his wife Lorry’s rise to a position at The New York Times and chronicles the lives of their children and grandchildren as they pursue careers in music, acting, advertising, education, law enforcement, business and fashion design. You’ll meet the famous, the near-famous, and the should-be-famous. As Thom states, “I’ve had a career just below the radar on the outskirts of history.”

– Thomas Gambino, author of The Vagabonds

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