Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Jan Dougherty’s ‘Lost Art of House Cleaning’ Shines in Magazine Features

Outskirts Press author Jan Dougherty is getting plenty of chances to sparkle these days. Her self-published book The Lost Art of House Cleaning has gotten the attention of frustrated home-bodies everywhere. Jan and her priceless tidy-up advice have been featured in Consumer Reports, Men’s Health and Family Circle magazines in recent months!Lost Art of Cleaning

Jan, who owns a residential cleaning company, says she was inspired to write the book after fielding countless cleaning questions from friends, customers and even total strangers.

“I believe I may be the only survivor who knows how to clean and, therefore, I have a duty and responsibility to pass on my wisdom (and share the pain) before it’s too late,” she quips. “Most people don’t like cleaning their house because they simply don’t know how.”

The Lost Art of House Cleaning explains The PATH, Jan’s method of getting in, getting it clean and getting out of a room. More than a collection of hints, The Lost Art explains how to clean a home, and everything in it, in a way that’s entertaining to read. Even readers who never get around to cleaning will get a good laugh.

The pJan Doughertyrocess of creating and promoting the book has been as enriching for the author as it has for her readers.

“I had serious reservations when looking at self-publishing options, however, my experience with Outskirts Press was wonderful!” she says. “The experience was absolutely flawless and everything just flowed. I couldn’t be more delighted with Outskirts Press.”

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