Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: ‘Tears of the Phoenix’ by Lonnie Beerman

Outskirts Press enjoys helping self-published authors realize their greatest creative ambitions. After all, publishing a book is a huge accomplishment, so you’ll pardon us if we take a moment to sing the praises of our independent authors in our weekly Self-Publishing Book Spotlight.

This week we’re proud to feature another of our self-published authors, Lonnie Beerman and his book, Tears of the Phoenix.

Lonnie Beerman’s novel, Tears of the Phoenix, published by Outskirts Press, is the carefully told Tears of the Phoenixtale of three boys moving toward manhood, while sorting out their relationships with their fathers and with the sometimes harsh adult world they are wondering how best to enter.

Each of the three young heroes of Beerman’s debut novel has found himself an outcast among his peers, isolated by playground taunts and by being the butt of every ill-tempered joke at school. One day a violent playground assault by bullying boys suddenly brings the three of them together and — no longer isolated — they find they now each have someone they can call a friend.

The compressed world of isolation they have been living in opens up for them that summer as their new friendships with each other blossom and they bond happily in the shared adventures of warm vacation days.

Soon old prejudices and bigotries of their small town return, however, and the boys struggle to cope with a once again dark world, despite their new solidarity together. Then one hateful remark reveals a secret that threatens to destroy one of the boy’s worlds, and the others must grapple with new questions they find difficult to sort out.

The boys’ families have also begun to draw closer together and while personal tragedies change their lives, all draw closer together and all find new shoulders to lean on during these heartbreaks. The boys’ mothers, in particular, discover new friendships of their own and begin to discover more about themselves as they watch their sons grow.

Beerman shows how at that age boys are forced to ponder their relationships with their fathers, or the lack of a relationship with one, and the new novelist engages readers well in the tragedies and family secrets that prompt these three boys to wonder what it means to be a man and what it will mean to them eventually to be fathers.


Lonnie Beerman is a new author. He is married and the father of a daughter and a son. Lonnie is a dog lover and an avid car enthusiast. In his first book, Tears of the Phoenix, Lonnie delves into the complexities of family relationships and social bigotries, offering insight into the importance of love, friendship and acceptance.

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