Have Your Resolutions Gone off the Rails? 5 Ways to Get Them Back on Track

It’s early February, and many of you may be well on your way toward meeting those resolutions for the new year. Others of you may be finding yourself struggling to make progress toward those lofty goals — and maybe losing the desire to try.

Don’t scrap those dreams just yet! There are simple techniques and tools you can employ to get those derailed resolutions back on track. Here are five ways to salvage your 2013 resolutions:

1.) App it. Sometimes all we need is a fun gadget or tool to reinvigorate us. They don’t have to be expensive.Writing These days most of us are equipped with an Apple, Android or BlackBerry device, any of which gives you access to thousands of productivity apps. Most can be had for anywhere from 99 cents to $15 or less, and many of them are free.

2.) Track it. If you’re finding yourself flagging on the year’s resolutions in February, it may be a simple matter of needing to see progress. Five or so weeks into the new year is long enough to get bored, but so far shy of December that many people just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel — and this causes us to give up on our goals. If you need proof that your work is bearing fruit, keep track of it. Buy yourself a work tracking app, dry erase board, notebook — whatever tool you’ll use — and keep track of the work you do toward your goals and the benchmarks you meet along the way. You may find you’re doing better than you thought.

3.) Reward it. There’s no shame in patting yourself on the back! Rather than berate yourself for failing to work woman in spatoward your resolutions, set up mini goals related to those resolutions and then reward yourself for these achievements. If weight loss is one of your resolutions, we don’t recommend treating yourself to unhealthy splurges. Instead, reward yourself with a spa day or one of those nifty gadgets you’ve always wanted.

4.) Talk about it. Find a buddy with whom you feel comfortable sharing your resolutions. Tell them your goals for 2013 and how you intend to reach them. Talking about your dreams for the year will not only motivate you and make these goals feel achievable, it will also give you a sense of community with others and motivate you to make them proud.

5.) Get over it. So your efforts went off the rails before Valentine’s Day — get over it and move on. The best thing you can do is forgive yourself and start fresh the next day. Don’t scrap the whole year over one lapse! There’s still time to do so much you never thought possible. If necessary, reassess whether your goals were realistic to begin with, then “reset” your year today.

It’s your turn to chime in. What are your resolutions for 2013? How are you facilitating them? What roadblocks have you encountered, and what have you done to overcome them? Let us know!

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