Self-Publishing Authors Receive Free Editing Offered From Outskirts Press When They Start Publishing This November

All writers find that no matter how many times they go over their manuscripts, they still miss basic errors in punctuation, grammar, and typing. It’s just the nature of the beast: it’s too hard to view one’s own creation with total objectivity. Every writer needs an extra set of eyes to polish their text completely, and Outskirts Press’ copy editing service provides those extra eyes.

Free copy editing“Any author who wants to publish a high-quality book must have their manuscript edited,” said Outskirts Press Vice President Kelly Schuknecht. “Readers cannot take a work seriously if it is plagued with basic errors in typing or use of the English language. Our November promotion for professional copy editing services offers our authors a very attractive incentive to end up with a print-ready manuscript.”

Standard copy editing provides a thorough review of a manuscript’s punctuation, spelling, and grammar. There is, of course, some variation in accepted styles, and elements such as comma usage can be subjective as well, so Outskirts Press editors use the Track Changes option in MS Word to make recommendations or suggestions for an author. The author can then accept or reject the changes, to preserve the authenticity of the story and the individuality of the author’s voice.

For manuscripts longer than 15,000 words, the $210 value of the November promotion is provided as a discount to the total editing cost, which Outskirts Press bills at a below-industry-average of 1.4 cents per word. The editing of works of poetry is calculated hourly, but poets can easily apply the November promotional discount to their manuscripts when they publish with the Outskirts Press Diamond or Pearl package.

The following testimonials have been volunteered to Outskirts Press from authors who took advantage of their copy editing services.

“Please tell the person who did the editing that I’m very grateful. She did a superb job and now I really feel good about having a book free of mistakes. I was amazed at how many mistakes she found.”
– Maribel Grunloh, author of Confessions of a Tour Guide

“You did an AMAZING job! I could tell you were really paying attention based on your edits and comments. You really are amazing.”
– Tina Crumpacker, author of The Journey to YOU

“The editor has done a great job. I would say go ahead and print the book exactly as it has been edited.”
– Michael W. Gephart, author of A Sum of Reflections

Authors can take advantage of Outskirts Press’ Free Professional Copy editing service this November with a Diamond or Pearl package through

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