The 2012 Outskirts Press Scariest Author Has Been Chosen!

Last month, we asked you to help us choose the scariest Outskirts Press author. All month long, we shared videos and covers of our scariest titles. We asked you to click “Like” on your favorites. We chose the top 10 books that received the most likes on their book cover or video for a Halloween vote. You cast your votes. The winner was chosen!

Drumroll, please…

The 2012 Outskirts Press Scariest Author is… Kevin J. Howard, author of the terrorific novel Faithful Shadow, which captured a whopping 67% of the votes.

Congratulations, Kevin!

As the scariest author of 2012, Kevin receives… 

Hollywood Action Plan

A no-cost Hollywood Action Plan for his novel Faithful Shadow. That’s right – no strings attached – no monetary investment required. Kevin will have the chance to get a true professional opinion on his book as a film from a true Hollywood producer at a real Hollywood production company.

The Action Plan will be studied and evaluated by a credited Hollywood producer, which might include consideration for optioning. It will also be submitted to a searchable Hollywood database, used by other studios, executives, and producers seeking materials to pitch, option, or buy.

Ever since Saw demonstrated the enormous profit possibilities for horror movies and franchises, Hollywood has been on the hunt for potential new properties, making the horror genre one of the most promising types of books for the Book Your Trip to Hollywood suite of services offered by Outskirts Press, which, in addition to the Hollywood Action Plan, also includes the Hollywood Treatment and Hollywood Screenplay options.

All top 10 scariest authors would be well served to consider their plans in this regard; and in fact, Hollywood does not have tunnel vision only for thrillers; they’re making movies and television shows from just about everything nowadays.  Maybe your book is next, and you could be joining Kevin’s book on the rounds through Hollywood!

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