Celebrate National Poetry Month With a Free Poetry Publishing Kit

Join Outskirts Press in celebrating National Poetry Month this April and you could be one of 4 Facebook fans winning our new Poetry Publishing Kit (valued at $99).

Since 1996, publishers, readers, booksellers, libraries, organizations, and poets around the U.S. have come together to celebrate poetry and its vital place in American culture. Thousands of businesses and non-profit organizations participate through readings, festivals, book displays, workshops, and other events.

If you are a published poet, April is a good month to pursue active marketing tactics to take advantage. And if you’re not yet a published poet, our April giveaway is a good reason to “Like” Outskirts Press on Facebook!

Every Wednesday afternoon, a “Fan of the Week” is randomly selected from among all of our active Facebook friends at http://facebook.com/OutskirtsPress and publicly recognized on our wall and on a specific “Fan of the Week” page, accessible through our Apps menu at the top of the new Facebook Timeline format (more on that at a later date!).

Each Fan of the Week is randomly selected based upon participation on our page, (those who post comments, posts, or likes).   Since a computer is making the random selection, statistically speaking you have a greater chance becoming a Fan of the Week if you participate more frequently on the Outskirts Press Facebook page.

And throughout April, every Fan of the Week that is chosen on Wednesday will receive a FREE Poetry Publishing Kit, which is available only through Outskirts Press.  See all the details of this super convenient, super easy, super affordable way to create a custom interior for your poetry by clicking here.

And if you don’t win, or don’t plan on participating on Facebook in order to be in the running for “Fan of the Week” you can still get your hands on this incredible Poetry Publishing Kit by clicking the big green button.

This brand new, exclusive offering from Outskirts Press is now available for just $99.  Just imagine… 100 MB of instant publishing help for poets seeking a fast, easy way to publish beautiful volumes of black/white poetry.

It’s just one of the ways we’re celebrating National Poetry Month, readers of poetry, and poets worldwide. Keep on rhyming, er… writing.

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