No Fools This April When You Save 20% on iPad E-Book Editions with Outskirts Press

iPad/iPhone revenues now account for more than half of all smart phone revenue in the United Statesand those figures are still growing.  This is an expanding market audience for authors to promote their books to with their own private label iPad/iPhone electronic editions made available through Apple’s iBook bookstore.

“New technology is quickly changing the publishing industry,” said Outskirts Press Manager of Author Support Elise L. Connors.  “Today more and more readers are curling up with their iPads, not their paperbacks, and this presents a vast audience for authors to tap into simply, quickly and profitably with our iPad/iPhone Premium Edition.  Our April twenty percent discount on the package is really just the icing on the cake for this option for authors publishing with our Diamond or Pearl packages.”

The iPad/iPhone edition is ideal for all kinds of books because it offers a full color format, not just the black and white text of Kindle editions.  Hard copy versions of full color books become more expensive the larger they are, but the length of a full color e-Book does not have to play a part in the pricing of it.  A $9.99 cover price makes a far more attractive package for the reading public.

Black and white or full color, authors have full control over their retail price with this Outskirts Press option.  Apple will take thirty percent and the author the remaining seventy percent, no matter the price the author sets.  The profit from each book sale is then deposited into an author’s checking account by Apple with no involvement by or royalty to Outskirts Press.  Not only are authors their own private label publishers, all their Apple e-Book sales are their e-Book sales.

Authors simply provide Outskirts Press with the retail price they’ve chosen and the necessary royalty payment information and Outskirts Press takes care of all the rest.  They register a private label imprint ISBN number with R. R. Bowker, they create an e-pub format for the book and submit it to Apple through an iTunes Connect account and then provide the author with the final e-pub converted file.

The best news of all is how easy it is. “In the beginning I looked at working directly with Apple on this project.  After reviewing everything that was involved, time and money, it was clear that I was way ahead, once again, letting the experts handle it all for m,” said Outskirts Press author David Koop, author of Cancer It’s a Good Thing I Got It.

To take advantage of this discounted April promotion with the Diamond and Pearl packages, go to and use the promotion code iPad2012pp to receive your twenty percent discount.

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