You Spoke. We Listened

Last month we asked you what publishing promotion you wanted in October. The votes are in and the $300 Mad Money promotion is the winner!

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You spoke, we listened again!

Last month we also asked our author community what new
publishing option we should launch first, between these
three possibilities:

  • Author Apps
  • Amazon Featured Book-of-the-Week
  • Social Media Market Research

The votes are in and Social Media Market Research
has been launched! This exclusive option, only available
for authors publishing with Outskirts Press, gives you the power to tap into our extensive, active community of writers, readers and industry professionals to ask them their opinions about your book (for instance, the cover design, or the book title). The votes and helpful comments you receive are available for you to see as they come in. There’s never been an affordable market research option like this for writers before.

It’s just another reason so many authors and professionals are choosing to publish and market all their books with Outskirts Press.

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Start publishing with the ultimate Diamond or full-color Pearl packages today and you will receive $300 of “Mad Money,” good toward any production options or upgrades we offer.

What will you get with your $300 of extra spending “Mad Money” to improve your book? Here are some possibilities:

  • professional custom cover design
  • Amazon Kindle edition
  • iPad/iPhone enhanced edition
  • social media Market Research

With the Amazon Kindle edition, copyright registration, and Library of Congress Number costing $99 each, this
promo allows you to get all three for FREE
, if those are the options you want.

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Dr. Gwendolyn Jevita Cheatham graduated from Morris Brown College and began her teaching career in the Atlanta Public School System. After teaching for several years, she became the Instructional Coordinator of the Booker T. Washington High School Humanities Magnet Program. Pursuant to her interest in administration, she became an Assistant Principal. She received her Masters Degree in French from St. Louis University and another Masters Degree in Liberal Education from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She also graduated from Georgia State University with a Specialist Degree in Education Administration and Supervision, and earned her Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership at Walden University, in Minneapolis. Harvard University selected Dr. Cheatham as one of the sixteen educators across the United States to receive a Grant for the study of Greek and Latin lyric. Her love of literature and zest for life inspired her to publish this extraordinary book.

“During the publication process of my book with Outskirts Press, I realized that I should have chosen Outskirts Press when I wrote my first book; however, I will certainly utilize this company again because of its professional staff and the excellent manner in which everyone, especially my author representative, interacted with me from the very first day until the day I held my book in my hand and pressed it to my heart.”

– Dr. Gwendolyn Jevita Cheatham, author of Big Mama

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