Authors Can Stay Connected with the Free Self-Publishing App for the iPhone 4 From Outskirts Press

With the Blogging News feature of the new Outskirts Press app, authors can be updated almost daily with self-publishing tips from those in the know about pertinent topics ranging from the importance of cover design to book marketing tips.  Feeds from Twitter, which also display a panorama of unique publishing tips, are updated throughout the day and offer another avenue for authors to feel part of the publishing world.

Connect with the author community right from your iPhone.

“Because authors often feel so isolated, they can easily begin to feel like Roy Orbison’s ‘the only one’,” said Outskirts Press Vice President Kelly Schuknecht.  “Our new app is an easy way for authors to conveniently stay connected to the writing, publishing, and marketing communities without having to suffer the expense of weekend writers’ conferences or the inconvenience of travel.  Best of all, the app is completely free!”

Besides the ongoing connection to the Blogging News and Twitter feeds, the Outskirts Press app launches new author book videos approximately every week and it features newly published authors every other business day, along with direct “Buy Buttons” to purchase the featured authors’ books from Amazon.   There are already dozens of Outskirts Press authors featured through the app that itself is an effective new tool for Outskirts Press authors to use to promote themselves and their publication(s).

The Outskirts Press iPhone app offers a continuous treasure trove of information for all authors, regardless if they’re still working on their first book or if they’ve just celebrated the release of their tenth.

The app can be downloaded from, and it works for iPhones running iOS4 as well as iPad 1 and 2.

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