Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: Christmas Eve Can Kill You by: William Marantz

Self publishing a book is an exciting undertaking. Because we understand the dedication that is required to write a quality book, we like to feature our top authors each week so that you can get to know a little bit more about them and their book. This week, we are featuring William Marantz’s Christmas Eve Can Kill You.

In his latest book, self-publishing Outskirts Press author, William Marantz, takes us on a journey to the “murder capital of Canada” , which is more than living up to its name. The latest victims are not anonymous gang members but Chief Judge Robert Brown, Chairman of the Native Justice Commission, and mail carrier Leon Coleman. The Winnipeg Tabloid has published a letter from the “North American Aboriginal Peoples Army of Manitoba” taking credit for the “execution” and apologizing for the “innocent bystander”.

As Inspector Angus “The Bull” Duncan is reluctantly fielding on-air questions about the elusive NAAPALM a last-minute caller names Virgo as the next victim. His producer, and nemesis, Patricia St. John Hogg, cuts the call off before it goes over the air. Inspector Duncan takes the threat seriously. Virgo laughs it off as a sick joke.

Next morning he wakes up in a hospital bed. And is no longer amused.

Why would any self-respecting terrorist bother assassinating a glorified disk jockey? Virgo wonders, laying low in a seedy motel. In search of the answer he calls on Abigail Brown, the child bride of the late Chief Judge, and forgets the question. He is soon reminded. After the second abortive attempt on his life Virgo moves in with “the merry widow” and they join forces in a race against time that comes to an explosive conclusion just short of the finish line. Part mystery, part thriller, part love story Christmas Eve Can Kill You is difficult to pigeonhole – and impossible to put down.


William Marantz, a resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba, has worn many hats, robes, costumes and disguises before becoming a published author. He practiced law for over two decades, worked as a part-time judge and even reviewed movies on the radio. He’s written several radio and television dramas for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as well as two feature length screenplays. He dedicated more years than he’d like to admit (re)writing his debut novel, Christmas Eve Can Kill You.

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