Meet Terri, Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistant

Successfully marketing a book can be a lot of work. A Personal Marketing Assistant (PMA) is ideal for authors who want marketing assistance that is personal and specific.

Some things your PMA can assist you with include:

  • Soliciting book reviews
  • Contacting local bookstores
  • Completing the verbiage on an author’s webpage
  • Improving your Amazon tactics
  • Scheduling/coordinating book signings
  • And much more!
These services are available to both Outskirts Press published authors and authors that have published their books elsewhere.

Meet one of the Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistants:

Terri was born in Amarillo, Texas and lived in Fort Worth for most of her adult life. She has been a “newlywed” for 29 years and has two amazing sons and daughter-in-laws. Her first granddaughter is due in August.

Professionally, Terri has worked in the marketing department for an PPO Plan, where she was responsible for designing marketing collateral, revamping the website, and writing copy for all marketing materials. She has designed sales presentations and marketing email “blasts” for various organizations.

She went on to start her own business offering marketing expertise.


Testimonial from Frances Jones (for Author Dr. Paul A. Jones), author of American Due Process:

“How exciting. I have just gotten into all the recent emails. I am looking forward to exploring all the information.

I just wanted to tell you again how happy we were with the article. Paul
commented after my other email, “It sounds like she read my mind, it sounded
like something I would have said.

Thanks again.




The Personal Marketing Assistant is available as an a-la-carte option or as part of the Book Blast package where authors can save 25% on 5 powerful marketing services to blast their book into the stratosphere! Outskirts Press authors can easily and conveniently add the Personal Marketing Assistant option or the Book Blast package at any time from the Marketing Options screen of the Publishing Center.

Outskirts Press has a team of Personal Marketing Assistants ready to help you in your book promotion efforts today!

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3 thoughts on “Meet Terri, Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistant

    1. Hi, Charlie:

      I’ve removed sensitive information about your book from your post. If you have questions about your marketing services, please contact our marketing department at 1-888-672-6657 Mon-Fri between the hours of 9am – 3pm MST.

  1. HI I’m Charlie Pedersen, responding to outskirtspress email introducing me yo you.
    If you go to my website (an outskirts press offering), There’s quite a bit of info on me and my books. There is quite a bit of work that’s been done, with certainly much, much more to do. I’m
    somewhat pioneering in that I’m targeting my efforts on e-books. I’m already in Kindle, B&N Nook,
    Itunes/ipad/iphone, google books, and more.

    call me anytime (except the next 2 hours) ***REMOVED SENSITIVE INFORMATION***

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