Self Publishing Author Spotlight: Award-Winning Author Joanne Bodin

Book Signing on January 9

On January 9, 2011, self-publishing Outskirts Press author, Joanne Bodin, held a book signing at the Albuquerque Art Museum. At the event, she was able to sell and promote her book, Walking Fish. Over 100 people attended this event.

Joanne Bodin, Ph.D., is a retired teacher of the gifted in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She received her Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Instruction and Multicultural Teacher Education. She co-authored a book, Step By Step Storytelling; A Narrative Language Curriculum, which has been used in the Albuquerque Public Schools by speech/language pathologists for language delayed learners. She plays jazz piano, is working on a book of her collected works of poetry, and loves watercolor painting.

Recently, Joanne’s writing career was jump-started. She was announced as a winner in two categories of the International Book Awards — Fiction: Lesbian/Gay and Best New Fiction.

Here’s what Joanne has to say about winning the award and her Outskirts Press publishing experience:

“When I got an email last week that I had WON in two categories for the International Book Awards, I almost went into shock. I meticulously scanned the list of winners to make sure it was really my name, my book, my ISBN. Then, the next thing I did, was notify Outskirts Press to thank them. Only eight months ago,the first box of ten free copies of my completed novel, WALKING FISH, arrived at my doorstep. I couldn’t wait to open the box, touch each book, lay them out on the dining room table. I savored that moment -of seeing a seven year project turn into a reality. And now, only eight months later, who would have imagined that I’d be an International Book Award winner in not one, but two categories.

I first heard about Outskirts Press a couple of years ago, through SouthWest Writers in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have been involved with SWW for a number of years on their board of directors. Some of our members had already published through Outskirts and I noticed that the quality of Outskirts’ books outshined some of the traditional publishers. When I was ready to publish my novel, I decided on Outskirts and it was the best thing I could have done. Because they are a “full-service” publishing company, they were able to offer two components that I found invaluable: a professional editor, and a book cover designer. Outskirts has managed to maintain high standards in the world of self-publishing, and their product certainly reflects their dedication to the literary community.”


Walking Fish Book CoverTitle: Walking Fish

ISBN: 9781432761981

Price: $15.95

Summary: Talia, an eccentric artist, lives in the quaint town of Corrales, New Mexico with her partner, Renie. For the past twenty years on December 15, Talia has lit a candle to mark the day she had to leave California to start a new life, leaving behind her five year old daughter, Sophie. But, through a quirk of fate, Talia is catapulted into an unfolding saga that compels her to revisit her unconventional past, revealing truths that change the lives of everyone involved. This provocative, emotionally charged novel delves into the inner worlds of people grappling with painful paradoxes of life, and like the walking fish, they must find ways to adapt in order to survive.



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