Join us all this week as we acknowledge the finalists in the 2010 Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year Award.  Today we focus on Frank B. Leibold, Ph.D.
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FINALIST #1: Frank B. Leibold, Ph.D., author of  The Key To Job Success In Any Career




 For Those Who Want To Improve Their Careers
Why has the current economic recovery been so sluggish? How can so many people still have difficulty in finding a job? And what are the new skills required for the 21st century? This book answers these questions and in the process develops six universal competencies that can lead to success in any job or career. It is a serious book about the greatest challenge America faces as it slips from global educational and economic dominance. Having been chosen as the best book in the Self-Help genre with a EVVY award by a panel of three independent experts I would be honored to receive your vote for Outskirts Press’ Book of the year award.

If you are struggling to find a job, concerned about keeping the one you have, or feel that your career has stalled, this book was written for you.

Despite 25 years of documented effort by 18 esteemed professional organizations to close it, America’s global skills gap is worsening–to the detriment of your employability.

Employees now have to navigate multiple job and career changes which will require new skills.

Leibold develops six scientifically validated Lifelong Transferable Competencies (LTCs) that are required for success in any job or career. He then offers over 60 practical suggestions on how you can enhance your future employment options by developing your own LTCs to improve your career transitions and influence.

“The Conference Board’s research confirms that American business finds new entrants to the workforce lacking in the skills required to be globally competitive both today and for the demands of the coming years. Frank Leibold, in his new book Competencies That Close America’s Global Skill Gap, recognizes and analyzes this deficit and offers individuals specific guidance on how to overcome these skill gaps. His advice is important for those just entering the workforce who may find they need skills heretofore unlearned. However, his advice may be even more critical for those more seasoned workers who are challenged by having to reinvent themselves in this new economic reality where employers are requiring employees to take on more responsibility for their personal and professional wellbeing.” — Mary Wright, Project Leader, Workforce Readiness Initiative, The Conference Board


Frank Leibold after a distinguished 30 year business career with three multinational corporations and nine jobs-culminating in the position of Group President- re-tooled himself by returning to school and obtaining his Ph.D.. Frank then became a nationally recognized university professor of marketing while founding his own global management consulting company. He and his wife reside in South Carolina and spend time traveling to visit and spoil their nine grand-children- two in Australia.

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