In her latest book, Outskirts Press author, NovaMelia, creates an intriguing narrative of confused rumors, local ethics, pharmaceutical experimentation and two remarkable dogs as one small town becomes the focal point of a community gone temporarily mad.

Duckegg Duckworth is always honest with himself, but often blatantly dishonest with others and so ends up suffering the sorrow of loss and the shame of his unintentional harm to others. Yet he has his moments of pride and even the exuberating experience of becoming the town’s hero in the small New England town where a large pharmaceutical company has set up a facility which is suspected of using local animals for experimentation.

Meanwhile, Duckegg’s younger brother is creating his own mess between the townspeople and the company; the company chemist has taken a liking to Duckegg’s mother, who’s husbandless, but not a widow; and Duckegg’s little sister unknowingly shines a light in the darkest of moment’s. Throughout all the growing drama, two canines, Maximilian and Hot Dog, romp in and out of the town’s affairs and the company’s woes as everyone approaches their day of complete madness.

Duckegg & Persons of Interest provides a suspenseful and entertaining read as this collection of quirky townsfolk and suspicious company men all begin to have their opinions and attitudes turned tupsy turvy while the large corporation and the small community try to work out a resolution to their contrasting values and intrinsic distrust.



NovaMelia was born in England and came to the USA when she was 17 years old. She attended the University of Pittsburgh where she studied Creative Writing and Psychology. She has lived in a number of states, including Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Florida. She now lives in Tucson, AZ with her husband, George.

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