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Outskirts Press & Facebook — Together at Last

With the scent of Valentine’s Day still lingering in the air, this is the perfect time to announce a new pairing — Outskirts Press has added a variety of Facebook applications to its website.

Now it is even easier to write, publish, and market your book with the help & participation of your Facebook friends.

Once you are published through Outskirts Press, your Publishing Center now features a direct window to our growing and active Facebook Community (circled in red below):

Also highlighted in everyone’s Publishing Center are the books that are most actively promoted (circled in blue above).

How can authors use Facebook to promote their books? Through the use of the newly-added “Like” buttons on every author webpage (see below):

And visitors to our bookstore can indicate which books they like in the same way (see below):

If any of your Facebook friends like the same things you like, you will see their profile picture displayed under the products, options, books, or services they have “Liked.”

Now it’s your turn to tell us what you like. We’re listening to you. Click here to visit our website and tell us what you like. Browse through our writing, publishing, and marketing services. Tell us which services, packages, and options you like by clicking the new Facebook button.

If you haven’t published with us yet, tell us which packages and/or options you want by clicking the “Like” button under each listing.

If you have already published with us, click “Like” on the services and options you received.

You can see what your friends like, and which services are the most popular. Have fun!

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“I have nothing but admiration for the staff at Outskirts. I’ve published with them on several occasions before and then again this past December. They are efficient and dependable on every account, and in the end, produce a wonderful product.”

– Jan Frazier, author of Transatlantic Ticket 1852, I Visited Europe and Survived, The Warmth of Opa’s Blanket, and Transatlantic Voyage 
Are you ready to experience your own success story?



2 thoughts on “Self Publishing with Facebook

  1. I recently purchased an eBook publishing package and enjoy it a bunch. I’m a slideshow freak but my
    ebook package has been nothing but satisfying. Which, for me, comes ahead of getting published.
    I’m last of 8, and number 7 is also a survivor. Jim Jones

    1. Hi, James:

      Thanks for sharing your story! What’s the title of your eBook?

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