Outskirts Press author, David Nelson Carr’s new guide for Christian children, youth and adults takes readers by the hand and leads them through the steps they’ll need to be Christian princes or princesses, now and in eternity.

David Nelson Carr acknowledges that most people do not now feel they are the most cherished princes or princesses of God, that most powerful king. His Christian guide starts readers on the path to that goal by having them repeat, in part, “God, please teach me what I need to know. Teach me about you. Please teach me.”

Recognizing from his own life long experience as a student of God that there are fears and doubts one must overcome to achieve the certainty that one’s eternal future is secured in heaven, Carr has presented a specific sequence of steps that reassure his readers that that fundamental Christian goal is possible to attain



David did not start as a skilled teacher. It took him years and the continued recognition that he needed God’s help. Thanks to the patience of God and the influence of a number of master teachers David worked with, he was able to learn how to remove students’ fears and doubts and how to teach specifically, confidently and successfully. David is available to discuss the topics in this book and also his “Youth Reader/Lector Program” and “Lay Prayer Program” with any size group or Church. David is not a certified psychologist or psychiatrist.

For more information or to contact the author, visit www.outskirtspress.com/davidnelsoncarr.

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