Even though we are still collecting submissions to the Facebook Anthology, Fandemonium, on our Facebook Page, and we are still seeking final votes on the cover finalists here, that doesn’t mean we cannot begin the pre-production process for the book through our easy-to-use website at Outskirts Press.

For those writers who haven’t yet published through Outskirts Press, the following posting allows you to experience the pre-production process of Fandemonium “first hand.”

Since proceeds of Fandemonium are going to charity, Fandemonium is being published under our Diamond package to deliver the best profits for The American Red Cross. This also provides the most options to choose from in terms of trim size, production options, and marketing options.

First you customize the book’s format and trim size.  Fandemonium will use the most common and popular format and trim size (6×9 paperback), but you can see many of the trim sizes available to choose from when you’re ready to publish your own book.

Next comes the cover.  Fandemonium is receiving a custom cover, which is being determined by a separate vote by our community participants by clicking here.   The Custom Cover option always includes first receiving two separate design concepts from our designer based upon author direction/input. This process is similar to the concepts and voting we’ve been doing on this blog over the past week. Of course, when it’s YOUR cover, the only vote that matters is your own.  Although you are welcome to put both concepts up on your own Facebook page or blog and seek votes to help you pick the “best” one, just as we did.

Then we simply need the answers to some basic information, like the title of the book, the sub-title, the author’s name, etc. There is always plenty of help with the “Question Mark” icons throughout the process, or your own Publishing Consultant or Author Representative is available, too.

Next comes customizing your interior. The majority of our authors select our Standard Interior Formatting option, and why not? It’s included for free and you receive an industry-best-practices professional interior design that raises the quality of your whole book.  Fandemonium will publish with this option, too:

Selecting optional production options is where the real customization fun begins, and since the Diamond package includes free options like the Ebook, a standard press release, and more, this is a fast and fun process for Fandemonium:

Selecting some popular marketing options or services comes next. Here’s where you really start to see the benefits of publishing with Outskirts Press, and the potential your book will have in the competitive market place. For  Fandemonium, our participating Facebook writers will receive a number of complimentary marketing services and products, including the Amazon Kindle edition:

Next, our authors set their own pricing, which means they determine their own retail price, their own discount, and their own profit.  We always pay 100% royalties, which means 100% of the profits of the book.  In this case, Fandemonium profits are going to The American Red Cross, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care how high the profits are, right?  In fact, we’re going to let our community members set the pricing of Fandemonium.

Next week we will present three different pricing scenarios for Fandemonium to allow our social community to vote on the pricing scenario they want most for this anthology.  Stay tuned to our Facebook Page, Twitter feed, or this blog for notice when the polls open.

Are you ready to publish your own book?

Assign your own Publishing Consultant to help you get started the right way here:

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