Rolling with the PunchesOutskirts Press author, Jamie Kerrick, a veteran producer, director, star and creator of some seventy-five shows labels his most recent work of fiction a “dramedy” because the decades long coming of age story of his protagonist Joey Douglas is both so funny and so tragic.

Joey Douglas’ dad always told him that when things got rough, Joey would have to learn to roll with the punches because life always had a way of throwing punches at one.  It turned out Joey was a slow learner.  He also had more punches thrown at him than most men do.

To start with, young Joey knew he was different because of his sexual feelings toward other men.  Living in a small Kentucky town made those feelings worse because in a small Kentucky town there were three things a man should not be: gay, alone or alcoholic.  Joey ended up being all three.

Readers will find themselves rooting for Joey as he grows up, escapes from his Kentucky roots to go do summer stock in Virginia, and then travels on to study in Europe, New York and California before finally returning home.

Along the way he latches on to alcohol in a futile attempt to find an answer to his problems, but it is not until twenty-one years later that he finds Alcoholics Anonymous and a new way of life.  Life still continued to throw punches at Joey, but now he had become aware of how to handle them.  He had finally learned the lesson his dad had tried to teach him as a boy.

Author Jamie KerrickABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Jamie Kerrick began formal dance training at an early age and continued throughout high school. He studied at the American Music and Dramatic Academy in New York, the American Academy of the Arts in California, and studied in Europe, too. He is the veteran producer, director, star and creator of some 75 shows. He wrote all of the sketches and mapped out every show like a play. He had his own dance studio, and taught at Johnson’s Dance Studio, Theater Workshop of Owensboro, and Brescia University where he also majored and received a B.A. in English.

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