Yesterday’s post about the title for our Anthology solicited some recommendations from our Facebook fans.  Voting for the title will take place on this blog next week.   All our blog readers and Facebook fans will also be invited to vote on the Charity. Those votes will determine which charities receives royalties from the sale of the Facebook Anthology.

That leaves the cover.  Once the title is determined, our custom cover designers will produce a number of different mock-ups for the cover of the anthology. Those mock-ups will be presented here on this blog next week and open to a public vote.  The winning cover, as determined by our blog readers and Facebook fans, will be the one we use for the publication.

We hope you are enjoying this social publishing process so far.  There is still time to submit your content to the anthology if you haven’t had a chance to, yet. Simply open up a “comment” on Facebook under this status posting and submit your short story, poem, recipe, or excerpt.   If your submission is longer than 8,000 characters, use multiple, numbered comments.

Also be sure to retweet or share this opportunity with other writers or professionals you know through your Twitter, Facebook, or Linked in accounts. We would like our first Facebook Anthology to contain a wide range of creative styles and offerings. 

Click here to visit our Facebook Page to submit your content for free to the Anthology.

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