Our Facebook Anthology has already proven to be very popular. Since announcing the opportunity for writers to get published for free through Outskirts Press simply by becoming a Facebook Fan and then submitting a short story, poem, recipe or excerpt, our Fan Base has grown quickly past 1,000 active members. Thank you for the support!

There’s still time to submit your content. Just visit our Facebook Page and then open a comment on this status report and enter your submission.  Be sure to read the other submissions and “like”/comment on those you are fond of.

Visit our Facebook Page by clicking here.

We’re also looking for Title Suggestions.  We have possible titles that we will suggest next week when the voting begins, but if you have an idea for the title of our Facebook Anthology, submit your ideas via our Facebook Page.   “Like” the title suggestions other members have made which you are fond of.   Next Monday, January 10th, this blog will have a public vote/survey of five possible Title suggestions and the most popular title, as determined by you, will be the one we use.

The same process applies to the Charity.  As we’ve mentioned, the royalties of the Facebook Anthology are going to be donated to a charity.  We already have some in mind, but if you have a charity you’d like to see “in the running” for consideration, suggest it on our Facebook Page.  “Like” other charity ideas that have been submitted by others.  Then, everyone will be invited to vote for the final charity next week.

We’re going to take care of the editing and the interior formatting.  But that leaves the cover, and tomorrow’s blog will discuss that.

One thought on “Customizing the Facebook Anthology

  1. This one is called


    Grand[aretns are great to have,
    when we are kids, they like
    holding the grand babies.

    Grandparents like it when
    the parents bring them for
    a visit.

    Holidays are also great, they
    always give us good presents,
    and also bring those goodies
    that grandma bakes.

    Even when we graduate from
    school, we always praise and
    congrats from the family.

    When you get married, the
    grandparents are happy that
    we will be happy and starting
    a new life with our new spouse

    When we start to have our
    children, the grandparents
    are excited,.And they show their
    love to have the new great

    So, as you get older, wiser
    we realize that the grandparents
    were not only ones we thought
    of only presents, but the love they
    shared with us.

    Grandparents are the onese we
    could have fun with, play games,
    like fishing, even camping.

    But, we all shbould realize that
    grandparents always shared
    their love, and kindness, and
    big hugs and kisses.

    So, now we should do the same,
    no matter where, or what you are
    doing. Be kind, and spend time
    with them. They are worth it. And
    then you will you will put a smile on
    their face like they did all of your life.

    Grandparents were always there for us,
    do you not think that we should do the
    same, and share our love and life with
    them. I know it is worth it, and being that
    now a days people just do not have time,
    but the grandparents sure had the time
    when we were young. so, pay it forward.

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