Do you want to receive your royalties by direct deposit?

Outskirts Press is pleased to announce that published authors can now receive royalty payments by direct deposit into their United States bank account.  This is a complimentary service enhancement for our valued Outskirts Press authors; there is no additional cost for this convenience.

If you are an author published with Outskirts Press, you can change your current royalty payment method (first class check) to this new royalty payment method (Electronic Funds Transfer – EFT) by logging in to your Publishing Center at  Click the “Edit My Profile” link near the upper right corner.  Then, in the “Royalty Payment” section, choose the payment method you prefer and provide the required banking information.  Double check with your bank if you do not know your account number or bank routing number.  Errors in this data can result in delayed payments and may incur additional fees to correct, so double check your input before saving.

If you want to continue to receive your royalties by check, no action is necessary.  But the EFT process results in royalties “hitting your bank account” faster than with a check.  And time is money.

We hope you enjoy this new enhancement. We value and appreciate your business.

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