Popularity Genie in a BottlePopularity Genie in a Bottle, published by Outskirts Press, is a mystical coming of age tale. The main character is a teenage girl named Isabella, who like any teen wants nothing more than to be popular. She is able to go back in time – courtesy of a mysterious genie – to learn what true popularity is. The story climaxes when Isabella meets the ultimate “king of kings,” who shows Isabella how to unlock the GENIE power within. In the process, she discovers how to soar like an eagle and command the whole universe to subdue to her—and so can any reader.

The mother and daughter’s collection of ancient tales blended with contemporary ones, poignantly lays out the psychological landscape today’s teens must go through to survive the puberty plagued years. Lucky’s and Isabella story, in fact, is drawn upon real life experience of both authors – its struggle and effect on their self-esteem as well as their longing for popularity as an emotional “solution”.



Donatella Fragiale’s middle school years were plagued by insecurity, bad acne and bullying by the same group of friends she was part of. Through the help of her mom –a former Image Consultant – she transformed her looks and gained her self-confidence back. She then created a website called www.TheBestTeenSite.com, (followed by a YouTube channel called LaFahionistaItaliana) to help other teens overcome insecurity. Interacting with teens from all over the world made Donatella understand that teens in search of

Donatella & Cristina Fragialepopularity and of fitting –in, are really longing to be loved. This new found revelation led Donatella to the birth of her book which she co-authored with her mom. She began writing Popularity Genie in a Bottle when she was 16 years old – a sophomore in High School.

Now a freshman attending college, she has completed this book. Donatella is a happy, bubbly, young woman who enjoys fashion, traveling and International Studies. At age nineteen, Donatella has made it her mission to help all teens access their inner power and achieve what they wish in life.

Cristina Fragiale (Donatella’s mom) is a former Image Consultant and Real Estate Agent who experienced a spiritual transformation after her younger brother died five years ago. She is now certified as an Energy Practitioner and devotes her time to helping children, teens and young adults who are beleaguered by emotional issues and blockages. Both of Cristina’s passions — mystical and emotional — are blended in this book .

For more information or to contact the author, visit www.outskirtspress.com/popularitygenie or www.popularitygenieinabottle.com.

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