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Is an “Enhanced Cover Image” on Amazon right for you? Top 5 Headlines
Authors are encouraged to consider altering the cover image they submit
to Amazon to utilize a greater percentage of the “space” Amazon allocates
for their image. Most people won’t search for your book by title or by
your name. They will search on Amazon for a keyword or phrase that captures their interest. Your goal is to make your book the most eye-catching in the search results, so people click on it.

To demonstrate the efficacy of this book marketing tactic, let’s look
at an actual example, using an actual book. We will search for “book
marketing” on Amazon. When conducting that search on Amazon our sample book appeared number 10 in the listings on the first page, as shown below:

It comes in directly below The Frugal Book Promoter and two places
above Jump Start Your Book Sales, which are probably the two books your eyes naturally gravitated toward.

But what about our sample book, Sell Your Book on Amazon? The
white portion of the cover gets lost within the white of the webpage,
while the bright yellow covers jump off the screen. Granted, The Frugal
Book Promoter
and Jump Start Your Book Sales are both very good online covers because, surprise surprise, they’re about book marketing, too! The authors are experts in doing exactly what they’re doing for their own books.

In all likelihood, your book won’t be competing with marketing experts.
If your book is about bank financing, your competition may not be online
marketing savvy, but that’s all the MORE reason to take steps to make
YOUR book about bank financing outshine the others, right?

Now let’s conduct the same search for “book marketing” on Amazon after
“enhancing the Amazon cover image” with Outskirts Press.

The cover for Sell Your Book on Amazon is almost twice as big, which makes the title stand out more, and the white has been replaced with a bright, obnoxious yellow to attract attention.

The goal is not to win any design contests here on Amazon — the goal
with these Amazon cover images is to sell books!

The positive effects build upon themselves as you add other formats like
hardbacks or Kindle (as seen below). When conducting a search and seeing results like these, its virtually impossible NOT to click on the sample book now.

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Author Spotlight & Success Story
“This was my first experience publishing a book. At first I was intimidated
by the unknown process until I signed on and began discussion
with the Manuscript Review Team. Following that positive experience I
was introduced to my Senior Publishing Consultant who greatly informed
me of the process thereby making me feel reassured and ‘ready to go.’

Not really wanting to say goodbye to my Senior Publishing Consultant,
I was greeted by yet another knowledgeable staff member, my Author’s Representative who took my hand and led me along the path to publication.

As if that was not enough, I had the opportunity to work with a Revision Specialist who helped me make the final and lasting changes to my book. I love my custom book cover and the overall layout of the interior. I am now reading the daily emails from my Marketing Coach and find the tips and information very helpful. It was a great pleasure to work with the staff of Outskirts Press and I would recommend them to anyone wishing to publish their book.”

– Chris M. Fisher, author of A Moment in Time

Are you ready to experience your own success story?

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