Poet Joshua Fields recently announced the release of his first collection of poetry, Staring into the Sun, published by Outskirts Press.  His clever poems take the form of dialogues that express in concise, epigrammatic form the nicely observed conversational give-and-take that often defines the essence of a relationship. 

Fields has managed to capture in his poems those precise little conversational moments that will ring true to all readers as the defining repartee between a man and a woman.  Whether wittily exploring the most mundane moments in “Shopping,” “The Commute” and “The Ride” or the more serious aspects of love as in “Children,” “Growing Old” and “The Simple Things,” Fields has an ear for the exact, concisely rendered phrase that says far more about a relationship than a thousand pictures can. 

The poet’s wit is well honed in these poems because he conveys so much – both humor and emotion — in so few words.  In “The Soldier,” for instance, in which love is being lightly compared to war, comes this clever sequence of four lines: What’s your next move? / Can’t move, paralyzed from the waist down / A shame / There’s always rehab. 

Although humor is the keystone of most of Fields poetry — such as the calm reassurance of one parent to another that although their newborn daughter’s head is now as large as a bowling ball, she’ll grow into it — there are also those tender moments of human frailty that all readers have experienced while in the throes of a new love.  To wit, these lines from “In the Beginning”: Is she sweet? / Very / Is she soft? / Very / A lot to lose. 

Fields notes that his poetry is a compilation of his life’s experiences and insights.  His readers will hope he continues with a long life so he can share more of these keenly observed experiences with them in future collections of his poetry. 


For more information or purchase a copy, visit www.outskirtspress.com/staringintothesun.

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