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Inspirational stories from two published authors Top 5 Headlines
Successfully published author Lori Purdy Faitel has this inspirational
tale to share:“My life has changed since the publication of my book, Am
I Brain Damaged? Memoir of Return to Life After My Head Injury.

As my title tells, I am a survivor. In 1986 I was in a devastating car
accident that left me with a Traumatic Brain injury, in a coma for 7 days.
Then for the next 6 years I underwent extensive Physical, Occupational,
Psychological and Personal Growth Therapy. By 1992 I felt emotionally
ready to attempt a return to the world of the healthy, the non-brain injured.
After seventeen more years I knew my story needed to be told. Today, by
sharing my story, I am helping other survivors and their families. By
bluntly talking about my experiences and my version of a return-to-life,
the general public can have a new compassion while survivors can better
explain what some thoughts could never be described.
This book has been a life accomplishment. I have been writing this off
and on for over 20 years. I pray this will enlighten the general population
of what we Head Injured may experience. May this support the injured,
families, friends and all people involved with head injuries. With the
publication of this book I have conquered my Closed Head Injury!

For almost 24 years I was ashamed that I had to re-learn to walk,
talk, eat, read, use proper hygiene and become socially acceptable again,
as an adult. The self-publication of my book through Outskirts
and the entire experience was probably the best and most advanced therapy I have ever had.
Visit Lori Purdy Faitel’s author webpage here.

Juvenile fiction author Hayley Mendien shares this motivating tale:


“My writing style had been deemed too unconventional for other
children’s publishers, so I felt like I finally found a home at Outskirts.
It’s a good publisher for the confident writer. This publisher respects
each written word like a work of art, so I would recommend that writers
present works of art before making the investment. [My Author Rep] Heather was empathetic and knowledgeable throughout the whole process, so I requested her for my second book, and I will request her for my upcoming third project. Heather shows great enthusiasm for each piece she works on, and just when I start to worry about the typical publishing headaches, Heather says something to eliminate the stress. She’s a rep that authors can rely on. And she’s gone out of her way to answer all of my questions.

Today, a young boy stopped me at a bus stop and told me how much
he liked my first book. I thought that was better than getting a five-star
review. I also recently saw an older woman on a train reading my book
to her grand kids, and when I asked her if she liked the book she became

Thank you, Outskirts Press, for giving this obscure wannabe children’s
writer a chance. I feel like there is hope.”
Visit Hayley Mendien’s author webpage here.


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“I’ve been involved in IT and data processing since high school in the ’60s. Even so, Facebook and Twitter, the whole social media scene, are unfamiliar territory. Marketing today requires not only familiarity but some expertise in their use, and the Marketing Coach at Outskirts Press has encouraged me as an author to expand my horizons, taking advantage of every opportunity to translate my time investment in Gates of Eden into a successful marketing adventure. In the process, I’ve reconnected with many friends
who are buying and reading my book and making up for lost time in our friendships. Thanks, Outskirts Press!” – Richard Douglas
Bouslough, author of Gates of Eden: The Gates of Eden TrilogyAre you ready to experience your own success story?


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