Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: Good Medicine

In her new book, Good Medicine: A Return to Common Sense, Dr. Carol Roberts combines her Harvard education and, thirty years of experience as a physician to show her readers that healthcare is not just about drugs and surgery. Instead, true healthcare involves patients in their own health by educating them about the results of their choices. Roberts’ new book does just that.

Dr. Roberts relates stories about patients diagnosed with memory loss and Lou Gehrigh’s Disease, among others. She explains how balancing nutrition, minerals and other whole body issues helped these people return to healthier lives. Roberts’ Good Medicine shows readers how to shape their own well being with proven and practical techniques that are based on looking at one’s body as a complete system, not as a mere collection of symptoms.

Good Medicine: A Return to Common Sense includes comprehensive chapters on nutrition, digestion, toxins, sex, and the health of the heart so the reader can create their own customized wellness plan. Readers are shown why the digestive system is the gateway to optimal health, how they can break the habit of consuming foods that are killing them and replace those foods with nutrient rich super foods. Dr. Roberts also gives straight talk on vitamins and tells which ones work, why they work, and how much of them someone should, or shouldn’t, be taking.

“This book will heal your life,” states Dr. Alberto Villoldo, author of Shaman, Healer, Sage. Dr. Larry Dossey, author of Healing Words and The Power of Premonitions, declares Roberts’ Good Medicine “a valuable guide to keeping our health priorities straight.”

Good Medicine also shows why spirituality is as important as physical medicine. As Dr. Roberts states, “If you rely on high tech medicine and pharmaceuticals without attending to these common sense measures, you are putting the cart before the horse. The majority of cancers and heart attacks can be prevented by good health habits and smart decisions about how we live our lives.”

About the Author:
Carol L. Roberts, M. D. is a graduate of Harvard University and the University of Texas College of Medicine. She did her residency training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and is a board certified Ear, Nose and Throat specialist and also in Holistic Medicine physician. She is the Founder and Medical Director of Wellness Works of Sarasota and Brandon, Florida, where she is devoted to the integration of conventional medicine with natural and holistic techniques. Dr. Roberts has been a radio talk show host for ten years with WMNF, Tampa.

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