LA Festival of Books – Self Publishing Recap

Last weekend, book lovers, readers, writers, and publishers flocked to the 2010 Festival of Books in Los Angeles.

One of the Outskirts Press Title Production Supervisors, Tina, was on hand to answer any questions the book festival guests had about self-publishing. There were a lot of questions. Each writer who registered for a free Author’s Center account was given a free Outskirts Press published book to take home and enjoy. There were a lot of free books! And every new author who ordered a publishing package received a balloon to pop that contained a free production option inside. Congratulations to all our new authors. We look forward to working with all of you and publishing your books.

Joining Tina was one of our multiple-award-winning authors, Andy Rafkin, who signed copies of his books and helped Tina handle the crowds. With four published books under his belt, Andy provided a different perspective on self-publishing: the author’s own valuable point of view. So far, Andy has published four books with Outskirts Press — all of them award-winners.

Below are the Top 10 photographs taken over the weekend. Enjoy…

Tina setting up the booth early in the morning. “Where’s my coffee?”
The front table featured a selection of books and freebies.
Outskirts Press quadruple award-winner Andy Rafkin displays two of his award-winning books.
Andy getting ready to give away free options in Outskirts Press balloons.
Here come the writers!
Tina answers questions from two interested authors.
Free options with every publishing package ordered at the festival!
Tina and Andy offering two positive perspectives on
self-publishing, from the production point-of-view, and the author point-of-view.
Handing out lots of free stuff!

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