Guest Post: Why You Should Consider Becoming an Amazon Bestseller

This guest post was provided by Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistant, Sally Shields.

Many of you either have a great idea for a book, or you’ve already written one.  You may be in the process of self-publishing or have a few hundred of them boxed up in your basement or garage, or sitting on Amazon, ranked in the millions. You’ve given away a few copies to your family and friends.  Very nice. Now what? 

One strategy is to use Amazon and best seller status to sell more of those books and I’m going to tell you about some the steps I took to get there so that you can apply them to your book.

Let me outline some of the benefits to an bestseller campaign.

It builds credibility and prestige. Being published alone, is a very substantial thing in people’s eyes because they realize it takes major commitment and dedication to finish, but being a bestseller gives you extra credibility.

When your book is a national bestseller, it generates more interest in your book and boosts its sales. 

When your book makes it to the bestseller list, influential members of the book world take notice. The media notices, as do industry insiders such as literary agents, book editors, and foreign rights buyers. The media loves to use that credential; it gets attached to your name, ‘bestselling author Sally Shields.”

It will help you acquire customers, and create hi-favorability among them.  You are now perceived as an expert and can then charge more for your services.

You have a much easier time selling your book to organizations and corporations in bulk.

You can become a speaker!  There are countless organizations who are looking for speakers everyday and you are much more likely to get booked if you have a bestseller status.  

So, how does this all work?

In short, the formula involves getting people with big email lists to send out an announcement asking people to buy your book on a given day at Amazon. This method isn’t “spamming” because only “opt-in” email lists are used.

To motivate people to purchase the book, you promise them a lot of digitally-downloadable “bonus gifts” for when they submitted their Amazon email receipt. For instance, buy a $20 book and you could get $500 of more of extra bonusesa tremendous incentive to buy the book. Even better, because the formula uses email, it costs almost nothing to promote the book!Contrary to what you may believe, to launch your own successful online email campaign

You do NOT need any previous online or marketing experience 

You do NOT need to personally be a web designer,

You do NOT need your own mailing list

You do NOT need a fortune in cash because this formula uses email marketing it’s almost free to implement)

You do NOT need to leave the comfort of your home office

What you DO NEED is the right guidance from someone who has launched a successful best seller online email campaign AND experienced the high level of success that you desire.

Amazingly enough, online marketing is likely one of the most effective methods for marketing books today … WHEN it is done right.  For more information on how to run your own bestseller campaign, please visit: for more details.


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