Self Publishing Book Spotlight: The Script-Chores

 In his first volume of poetry Chris Apoder O’Riordan-Adjah provides a collection of verse written to please both the veteran poetry lover and the newcomer to poetry alike. The poet draws from his diverse and passionate experience to create a spirit-work for all to enjoy.

In The Script-Chores, published by Outskirts Press, Poet Chris Apoder O’Riordan-Adjah acknowledges his gratitude to God and tells of his responsibility — his “chore” — to share his personal message — his “script” — of having overcome all challenges and obstacles through the Lord.

Proud to call himself the Lord’s “On Call” servant, the poet began an unexpected love for poetry in the 1990’s when he found himself in the Diaspora and started to record his tribulations in a new world. “I had in the past underestimated the power of poetry,” he says. “I started paying closer attention to poets and to what they had to say and went ‘Whoa!’”

Particularly enamored of the poetry of Maya Angelou, O’Riordan-Adjah realized what he had already been working on as his “Hope Notes” shared an intention with Angelou’s writings, and he began to transform these recordings of his experience into the series of poems which now compose The Script-Chores.

With this collection of hopeful, humorous and heartwarming poetry, O’Riordan-Adjah hopes to inspire readers through the lessons of his own life story and to provide them with poems that are more than a one time read, much like the Scriptures themselves, which one can go back to time after time to garner more meaning.

The Script-Chores is available on-line in paperback through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and and at for a maximum trade discount in quantities of ten or more.

About the Author:
Chris Apoder O’Riordan-Adjah was born in Berlin, raised in Ghana, and has now spent more than fifteen years in the United States. He is married to the beautiful Simonetta, who was born in Jamaica. As his passion for poetry grew and as he kept listening to the constant cry of a still small voice for him to compile all of his work, he finally enrolled in the Long Ridge Writers’ Group, obtained his diploma, and started submitting his poems to the International Library of Poetry.

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