Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: Witnessing

U.N. Staffer Pens Book on
World Unity Through Christ

A new book from a former United Nations staffer aims to do nothing less than bring unity to the world—with one soul, that is oneness. Witnessing, first of a book trilogy from author Haile Gebre Egziabher explains how Christianity can heal old divisions and bring all the peoples of the world together. Haile knows some might call that vision naïve. But in a decades-long career with the United Nations, he saw first-hand how effective communication and the sharing of ideas can erase even the most pronounced rifts.

“With the U.N., I had the opportunity to visit many countries and continents, and found the world to be small,” says Haile, who is now retired and living in Asmara, Eritrea. “The experience of going around the world supported my dream of world unity. As a result, I have become rich in wisdom and spirituality. And I want to share that vision with others.”Witnessing does just that, in 13 compelling chapters that tackle everything from Christian basics to keys for harmonious living. At the core of the book is a belief that the tenets of Christianity function uniquely to promote worldwide harmony. Readers will learn how the Holy Trinity, the Commandments, church sacraments and Christ’s own life all add up to a way of living that makes war, division and strife not just unlikely—but unfathomable.

What’s stopping us from making that dream a reality? Quite simply, not enough people have surrendered their lives to Christ, Haile persuasively explains. Packed with powerful scripture, Witnessing will encourage non-believers and casual Christians alike to fully devote themselves to God, while at the same time provide devout Christians with the message they need to share with others.


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