Self Publishing Spotlight: Kill Dress

An imaginative and suspenseful tale of the dangerous effects of a mystically seductive dress on men and on its owne, Kill Dress explores the contemporary social implications of the struggle between displaying or suppressing one’s sexual desires and fantasies. 

Kim, a modern, attractive woman who loves to dance and to party with her friends at the clubs, falls into a depression when she suddenly loses her boyfriend. She needs to clear her mind and to revive her spirit and so decides to vacation in New Orleans with her friend Joi.

In that mysterious Arcadian culture the two women discover an old woman whose distant ancestors made garments for Queen Nefertari, Queen Sheba and Queen Cleopatra.

These were not just any garments. The alluring queens used these dresses, along with their own native wiles, to seduce the likes of Marc Antony, Julius Caesar and King Solomon and charm them into obeying their every whim. Kim contracts for a dress of her own from this aged seamstress and finds that she is a member of a secret society of raiment makers who have used mysterious herbs, special fabrics and arcane religious rites to weave their seductive wares down through the ages. Their mystical knowledge has only passed down from mother to daughter and each woman has sworn on pain of death not to reveal the secrets to anyone, not even her husband.

The overwhelming and magnetic sexual effect on men from this enchanted dress is more than Kim has bargained for. Not only does the dress sensually charm every man who sees Kim in it, it also awakes the dormant impulses of a reformed serial killer, the “Heart Murderer,” and rekindles his instinct to kill.

Worse yet, Kim refuses to give up the garment, even when the media recognizes that if she were to destroy the hypnotic dress, the serial killer would probably stop his horrible rampage. Instead, Kim decides to “make a statement” and defend the right of women everywhere for this freedom of expression.

A suspenseful tale in itself, Kill Dress also provides a clever and unusual look at the native sexuality of both men and women and shows how thin the dividing line can be between mere playful sensuality and the jealousy, envy, lust, and even murder that an initially innocent impulse, when exaggerated, can become.

About the Author:

John Young is a college graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He has been working for a number of years as a software engineer in the Information Technology industry, and is also an investor in the stock market and in foreign currency.

John has been an avid reader for years and has always had a burning desire to write novels that would also end up on the big screen. Kill Dress is his first step on that path.

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