Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: The First Christmas

In Er Nuylan’s new work of fiction, The First Christmas: What Could Have Actually Happened, published by Outskirts Press, the author bravely asks the question, “How could Jesus be born without a human biological father…or was there?” Religiously faithful in tone, this first novel realistically explores the world in which the teenage Mary gave birth and offers a unique view of this fundamental Christian mystery.

Set against the historical backdrop of the struggle of the Jews against Caesar’s Roman Empire, The First Christmas relays the story as it might have been of a father, Joachim, who finds out his teenage daughter is pregnant. Joachim is not a Christian and is not accustomed to miracles. Instead, as a father, he is enraged that his daughter has been adulterous and has thus broken Mosaic law; yet he is also frightened for his daughter, who now can be stoned to death because she has broken the holy morals of his people.

Nuylan realistically portrays the emotions, the blame and the misgivings of this otherwise typical family that finds its teenage daughter pregnant before marriage despite her protests that she has not slept with anyone, fiancée Joseph or otherwise. The baby in her swollen belly is there “by the power of God and the Holy Spirit,” is all she can say.

What would the reaction of a loving mother and father be to that situation today, the novel asks, and by showing the dramatic scenes which follow this discovery, The First Christmas shines new light on the beginnings of Christianity.

The author has stated that it was his love for and fascination with Christianity that prompted him to write The First Christmas: What Could Have Actually Happened. The book is a faith filled and intriguing portrayal of Mary as a young woman willing to become a social outcast and even to be stoned to death as she stands up for her belief in the miracle that has happened for a religion that does not yet exist.

It is a fascinating, fictional account of the people and the potential of these first few days from which more than two thousand years of Christianity have sprung.

About the Author:

Er Nuylan is a teacher with many varied interests. His love for Christianity and his fascination with the religion prompted him to write The First Christmas in order to view the virgin birth mystery from a new point of faith and reality.

He resides in Japan with his wife Yuko, his daughter Pearl, and his son Ken.

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