Official Outskirts Press EVVY Award Nominees

The EVVY Awards recognize excellence in self-published books. Each fall, approximately 5% of the books published by Outskirts Press become finalists for official Outskirts Press nomination by receiving an invitation to participate from Outskirts Press.

Exemplary Outskirts Press books are nominated by the Author Support Department and OP Executive Team for submission to the EVVY Awards in the fall of the year of their copyright. For example, this past November select books with a copyright date of 2009  were invited to participate in the 2010 EVVY Awards by receiving an invitation via email from our Director of Author Support.

All the books published with our Diamond and Pearl packages are automatically eligible for EVVY Award Nominee consideration, but not all Diamond and Pearl books receive an official nomination. What makes a good EVVY Award Nominee? The same thing that makes any good award-winning book:  A fantastic cover, strong, well-written content, and copyediting. These are the cornerstones of any good book. Fortunately, Outskirts Press offers the optional services necessary to turn an average book into a good one, and a good book into an award-winning one!

So, without further ado, please join us in congratulating this year’s Official Outskirts Press EVVY Award Nominees:

The Young Guardians and the Genesis Spell by Grady P. Brown
The Channel by Susan Alcott Jardine
The Ghost Tree by Daphne Oberon
Let Your Innate Sing by Dr. William A. Kriva
Barnyard Babies To The Rescue by Carol Italiano-Krivinskas
Dear Sebastian by Bianca Tora
Queen Vernita Visits the Blue Ice Mountains by Dawn Menge
Pieces ‘N Bits by William Ison
The Messy Buddha by Kate McLennan, D.Min.
How I Lost Twenty Pounds N Kept It Off by Caren Wong
The Reluctant Survivor by Kathy Ferrell Powell
Heroes of Googley Woogley by Dalton James
Dose of Revenge by Rhonda Thomas McWhirt
Eddie’s Wake by C. A. Peterson
The Sara Chronicles by L. Hughes
In the Land of Cotton by Martha A. Taylor
The Mystery of the Moaning Banshee by Fritz Peterson
Mickey Mantle is Going to Heaven by Barbara Carroll
Compulsion by Jennifer Chase
Dream Chaser by P. Christina Greenaway
The Expedition by Kerry Fusaro
The Gate of Beautiful by Gerald Rasmussen
Privileged Information 101 by Rayford Lynn Butler Sr.
Christmas Treena by Carol A. Hanzl Birkas
Murdock Mystery #1 by Sandy Zaugg
As Long As He Needs Me by Mary Verdick
Life Against All Odds by Alfred Cave
The Paradise Puzzle by Ed Jones
Mysterious Magical Circus Family Kids by R. Hawk Starkey
A Bridge of Doom by Kurt Paul Hotelling
Khan in Rasputin’s Shadow by Chad Huskins
Empire of Peace by Don L. Johnson
Virginia’s Travel Basket by Sharon M. Harvey
To Rhyme Is Not A Crime by Walter Brandenberg
The Smile of a Man Lost by J. Evan Johnson
Unlocking the Poet’s Realm by Matt Wiebusch
Charlie – A Boy With Reading Difficulties and His Dream by Vassiliki Plomaritou
Both Ends Burning by Craig Juntunen
21 Bizarre Short Stories by Jose Cepeda Garcia
The Student Prophet: Initiation Rites by James Nicholas Logue
Burnarounds: Unlocking The Double Digit Profit Code by Steven L. Blue
The Wedding Palace by M. Abdelsalam Elemary
The Transition by Dennis Niewoehner
Bobby and Troubador’s Great Adventure by Ronald Raver
Robbobell by Dr. Robert F. Hill
Through The Triangle by C.P. Stewart
Ribbons and Roses by V. M. Wolter and Joseph A. Zapalac
Aurora of the Northern Lights by Holly Hardin
Rainbow Bed by Glenna S. Edwards
Mr. Emotions & Friends by Glenna S. Edwards & Karen Henriques
From an Otherwise Comfortable Room by Roger Sakowski
Life and Times of a Ragamuffin by Russ Freeman
Looking Glass by Max Boneta, MA
Holly Hill by Scott Dahm
The Adventures of Magellan by T.L. Mann
Emerge by Ken Jibben
It’s in the Eyes by Charles Toftoy
The Breakout Year by Vicki Williams
The Bethlehem Scroll by Bill Thompson
Cash in on the Obama $3 Trillion Spending Plan! by Ed Benjamin, Colonel, USAF (Retired)
Ribbon Falls by Brad Anderson
Tirissa and the Necklace of Nulidor by Willow
Exploring the Sixth Sense by Dr. James E. Jones

The Awards Ceremony and Banquet is held in March by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association.  Award-winners are announced at that time and soon thereafter our EVVY-Award winning authors are notified. Winners will also be featured on this blog.

We have an extra special announcement coming in 2010 that will involve next year’s EVVY Nominees, so now is the time to publish with Outskirts Press.

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