Enhanced Audio Excerpts for Self-Publishing Authors

Hi, I am Sally Shields, a bestselling Outskirts Press author and also one of the Personal Marketing Assistants here. With the Enhanced Audio Excerpt, I can help you get the word out about your book “in your own words” (but with my voice).

Perhaps you are a little uncomfortable with the idea of recording your own voice for your Audio Excerpt. No problem!

With this option, you will supply a 2-3 minute “script” and then I will record it professionally for you. I will introduce myself and say that I am a Personal Marketing Assistant with Outskirts Press speaking on your behalf.

That’s not even the best part!

The best part is that once your Enhanced Audio Excerpt is recorded, it will be distributed and syndicated, in the same way Podcasts are syndicated. Yes, it will still be uploaded to your free Author Webpage, just like the Standard Audio Excerpt.

And it will be syndicated throughout the Internet, appearing on countless PodCast directories… including iTunes!

Here’s what a sample of the Enhanced Audio looks like on iTunes when your potential customers conduct an applicable keyword search. It’s the top one showing me and my book.

As you can see on the iTunes page, we will also create your own “icon” for your recording, which is the graphic that will be distributed along with your RSS distribution and syndication.  The graphic looks great on the iPhone!

So, for example, when someone searches for your excerpt on iTunes, your branded, personalized graphic featuring your book cover will appear. If you submitted your author photo, your “icon” will contain both  your cover and your author photo. Otherwise, we will use a general graphic in place of the author photo if you did not submit one. (See below)

Example with an author photo
Example without an author photo
Press play to hear an example of an Enhanced Audio Excerpt — mine!

Did you listen to my example? Here are some elements of a good excerpt:

  • It’s just under 3 minutes long
  • It provides some information about my book
  • It offers some FREE tips
  • Information about me is toward the end and includes my credientials
  • It has a call to action, where the listener should go if they want to buy the book

It is possible you may just want me to read a passage or a page or two from your book, and that’s okay, too! But I always recommend ending with your Outskirts Press webpage address (or your own webpage domain name if you have one) so listeners can go buy your book. After all, that’s the whole point!  If you want me to include it, you’ll need to supply the words, because I will record what you provide, verbatim.

I look forward to recording YOUR Enhanced Audio Excerpt.

It’s time to get published and experience book marketing support like this.
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  1. I could not find my trailer:
    Unstoppable Confidence: A Life-Changing Workbook.
    I’m a very good customer of Outskirts and I would like to know if you could help me better in Marketing my book.
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Astrid Harris

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