Self Publishing Book Video Halloween Poll

It’s time to vote!

Which of the Top 5 Self Publishing Halloween Book Video Trailers did you like the best?

Didn’t see them? Click here to watch all 5. And then vote below…

The author of the book featured in the most popular book video trailer as determined by this poll on November 1, 2009 will receive an Enhanced Audio Excerpt (including iTunes distribution), value of $199, courtesy of Outskirts Press. 

11 thoughts on “Self Publishing Book Video Halloween Poll

  1. Querido Jose Cepeda Garcia—

    Oye, te Skype? Yo hago!

    Podríamos Skpye tu entrevista! Por nuestra computadoras!
    Y, mira, a Skype es libre! Vas a y lees la informacion alli!

    Lo entiendes? Es una gran idea, verdad?


  2. Hola Jose Cepeda Garcia!

    Me encanta tu video, por supuesto! Excelente trabajo! Estoy muy orgulloso de ti, y espero que escribirte pronto para nuestro blog entrevista.

    Y mira, yo programará en noviembre! Bien?

    Me gusta este buen sitio! Lo necesito tambien!

    Pues…muchisimas gracias, Jose!

    Tu ventilador,

    Y te he extrañado, tambien.
    Ahora yo vuelvo a escribir!

  3. With the highest percentage of votes, “DESTINY’S WARRIORS” wins my vote as well, hands down.

  4. Hey 67% and in the leed. Way to go Rose. Randy Mary and you seem to hit it off. She was really interested in your life and thanks for sharingwith her.

    Hey you two lets tryi to keep in touch and maybe a visit or two after Mary’s Retirment. So looks like 2010 before we can make a date. So let’s stay in touch by email

    Love & Hugs,

    Doug & Mary

  5. waw! thanks much for these! It’s real fun to be totally creative and resourceful in widening the exposure of our books. keep up the good work! and keep on writing!

    Press on!


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