Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: 21 Bizarre Short Stories

José Cepeda Garcia is fast developing an international reputation in the fantastic/horror genre, and his latest release, 21 Bizarre Short Stories, published by Outskirts Press, promises to propel this author’s readership even further. His previously published novel, Fabulario de las Sombras (Shadow Fables) made him the first Dominican Republic author to have a book published on Amazon Kindle. 21 Bizarre Short Stories is the first Dominican book distributed via an international print-on-demand system.21 Bizarre Short Stories is a collection of stories based on Caribbean myths. Divided into five sections, the stories touch on various themes of dreams, the universe, and magic. They are then blended into one volume to create a strange yet somehow familiar world—a look at human nature from an entirely unique point of view.
This is an exquisitely crafted set of stories about seemingly everyday people and scenarios, but Garcia has a knack for twisting ordinary circumstances and creating something brand-new—and ultimately disturbing. His characters emerge from all levels of society. But from there, no one can predict what will happen to them.Garcia’s readers will meet a devilish Chihuahua who demands a diet of human flesh; a man whose wife has filed for divorce and wants half of everything—which he happily provides via a power saw; and a politician trying to escape a dead man’s shadow—his spirit—looking for a new host. There’s the unfortunate young man whose body parts keep getting lopped off for one reason or another, and the mild-mannered sleepwalker who does unspeakable things in his sleep. An innocent day at the beach reveals a half-human, half-horse creature, and a Haitian boy is captured by an all-female tribe of women with backward feet who hope to increase their numbers. And there’s the space traveler, pulled up to the bar, drinking vodka:

“You will see, Mr. Bartender, after many studies and meditations, I got to the conclusion that the universe must have had a central point, and we could get there in the same way we get to downtown. The obsession of knowing that place invaded me…and it is not to surprise anybody that it happened to me, because obsession is a sign of genius and as you can see, mister, I am a genius.”

And those are just a few of the unique tales in store for those who pick up 21 Bizarre Short Stories, a place where fantasy and reality collide.

About the Author: José Cepeda Garcia was born in the Dominican Republic in 1978. He is a member of the well-known literary circle Yelidá, and cofounder of the Punto & Seguido literary circle with José Bobadilla and other prestigious writers. Garcia is the author of Fabulario de las Sombras (Shadow Fables) in collaboration with writers Ana Brigida Gómez and Amado A. Chalas.

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